Cool Kids Go to the River to Make Out or to Cry

Cool kids go to the river to make out or to cry.
Swamp Bunny creeps down vines and wire, bricks of concrete
pushes past sweet olive trees, beer cans, and
the final brilliant wildflowers of the fall.

Full moon lowers the tide, swelling
somewhere more delicious. River’s

Bank exposed, lithe and bare and she
beached an electric pole, for bunny
To rest and twitching whiskers
Watch the barges pass.

“You could wave but you don’t” Ms Alligator croaks

Scaled rolls of reptilian skin sink luxuriously
in quicksand as Bunny hops to perch on
rocks at the water’s edge

There should be crabs here but
she comments to Ms Alligator,

“What a paradise of urban wonder,
yet just Pelican seems to feel at home”

“Maybe so can you, bunny, maybe so can you.”

Twitching whiskers, “Ms Alligator, I tried to find a shell but, only
Trash and oil slick, only this dried white bean, yet
Softened in the throat.”

“why you’re welcome, little bunny” she flashes
those soft fangs that her love so admires.

Bunny blushes and a bigger ship a

Foreign navy ship goes by, “I could wave
but I don’t.”

Waves rush them in his wake.
“River’s so excited to see them, I wish I’d

Waved to the sailors for her, wish I’d

Told them she misses them.”

“But she did it all on her own” Says Ms Alligator

Wind wildens bunny’s hair, she returns to feral and
The winter sun bites fresh, the wind burning somehow
Still warm, She is somehow still warm.

“I’ll keep you warm, Ms Alligator, don’t you worry at all.”

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