Black Moth

I dream in fear an Iridescent Black Moth
Lands on my plate of satsumas a wild
New Orleans house party occupies my home and I
Cannot lie I don’t really trust him I don’t
Know why but it’s true and he
Cannot be here there is so much sound there
Is violent smoke and neon drinks that
Show you pieces of things from far
away and long ago he is a thing of purity.
Oh creature you belong in a eucalyptus tree in the
Garden of Eden under the Midsummer sun for
Here You Will Not Survive
Here You Will Surely Die

My best friend Genny arrives
& with such heartbreaking compassion
Scoops him into her palm and brings him outside
Shushing “it’s gonna be okay lil’ guy.”
There is mist and quiet there is air and silence there
Is Moon under a burnt out light post the
Streetcars are sleeping we can call you a cab
The little frames his wings may contain
Sleep dust or some sort of ordinary magic
Maybe Genny recognizes the Fae in him
By god, he surely recognizes the Fae in her yet
What message he may have or perhaps just
Fell off his trip to the gas station for
A pack of cigs and a pixie stick
For now they are the only breathing creatures that
Exist in all of space and time and here
They witness the other and the eternal
Absolute that none has felt understood before

The beauty was how quickly Genny recognized
The whimsy in this creature and the action she must take.
The Magic was the trust that this creature had in her.

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